5 Reasons Ukulele lessons are great for kids

1. It is portable

When you are on a road trip or going for a picnic your child can bring in the musical delight without taking much boot space. Also when you want to give your radio rest in the car your child can entertain you with music.

2. Off screen and positive screen time

In Today’s day, screen time for the kids is a reality and necessity. This creative activity will help either taking away the attention from the screen or will help in better screen time utilisation in case they are doing any activity online with the instrument.

3. Stress Burst

Ukulele channelise the energy positively so whenever a child is stressed they can take a break with the instrument and recharged and refresh. It develops positive mental health in kids

4. Confidence and storytelling abilities

Through music and ukulele the child can express his/her imagination and thoughts this in the long run will make them a better storyteller and much more confident in life.

5. Ukuleles are inexpensive.

Unlike other beginning instruments, the ukulele is inexpensive. Quality instruments appropriate for beginners range between 1500 and 3500. If your child starts Ukulele lessons, then decides he no longer wants to play, you don’t have the large investment you would with other instruments.

The author, Mohit Verma is a Musician and plays the Ukulele. He is an empanneled member and trainer with Merry Go Round & UNBOLTED. He provides Unbolted Ukulele workshops in Gurgaon.