We all take pictures of things or people, it is how we document our memories or sell our products and services. Today, even our photo ID is just a photo. But if you would like to explore your shutter bug and know more about the craft and technicalities that go into photography, come join us.


Learn basics of Camera & Framing
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Basics of how to set and use lights while taking photos
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Know technicalities and usage of lenses
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Enhance your shots
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Aniket Sen, a product of Symbiosis Institute of Design, has spent 10 years playing roles involving visual storytelling and communication. From print and digital advertising to photography, film, and theatre production, he has a lot of experience in talking to an audience with ink, lens, and light.



Joseph Christo MJ is a young dynamic Photographer, Cinematographer and film director. He loves to see the world through different lenses.


Christo MJ

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Amateurs, Beginners, Enthusiasts, and Hobbyists (Batches for children & adults)

Each session will run for 2 – 3 hours

They will be a mix online, hybrid and physical sessions

You don’t have to have a camera of your own, but it is a benefit if you have one

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