Actor’s Corner – Anshul Baijal & Vasiyat

Playing the character of Jagatpati in Bhagwati Charan Verma’s Vasiyat was a unique experience for me as an actor. It was my first time being part of one of the classics. The language, especially, was a challenge. Being a Delhi boy, Banarsi accent and ”shudh” Hindi don’t come naturally to me, but that is why I enjoyed it as much. I have also mentioned a few lines in the video that are close to my heart. Playing a character who is out of your comfort zone is one of the reasons you take to the stage.

Another reason why this play is special to me is because I hadn’t been part of such a big ensemble cast before. It was a good learning experience. It was important to be able to stay within the bounds of the script to ensure you give your Co-actors get enough time and space to perform.

Anshul Baijal an Actor with Merry Go Round Entertainment, A Theatre Group in Gurgaon shares his experience about theatre play

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