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Conducted by Merry Go Round Entertainment, ‘Unbolted’ is a 20 session Theatre & Camera workshop. It harnesses and arouses the talent lying dormant within, using techniques and practices from the world of Drama, Theater, Acting and Performing arts and Creativity Enhancement exercises.

The major focus of Unbolted is to conduct creative curriculum and participatory workshops. These workshops are specifically designed and prepared for enthusiastic youngsters and professionals with little or no theatre experience. People who had loved the stage during their school and college days can rekindle the love. The major thrust of the workshops is to create an atmosphere where one can develop and use one’s own creativity to discipline and train oneself, not only as an actor, but a performer and entertainer. The workshops encourage talent and mould personalities to raise curiosity, questions, make decisions and choices with awareness, higher sense of observations and application. The environment is such that you can express freely, shedding all inhibitions, and be yourself or any other character you want to be on-stage or off-stage. In other words you start performing for both, self and audience.

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Date: 02nd January 2022 Onwards
Timing: Saturdays & Sundays ( 3 PM – 5 PM )
Venue: MGR Adda, Gurgaon


Hindi & English

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